Not my oc, check watermark for source. Anyway…

Not my oc, check watermark for source.

Anyway, Lucasfilm/Disney is the stupid party here. 90% of us said we don’t care about Solo and 70% of us said make an Obi Wan movie with Ewan. It was their choice to make a movie that no one wants to see. If they made the Obi Wan movie, we would have seen it. If they make the Obi Wan movie now, I know I’m going to see it regardless of how bad Solo was. This decision is only further hurting their relationship with fans as well as their ticket sales. An Obi Wan movie would be a massive success no matter how the critics review it. Solo is a completely unrelated matter.

I’ll post this meme separately if you wanna reblog without my rant, but I think it’s an important clarification. The boycotters aren’t to blame for a bad product. Fuck Disney.