Author: Incorrect Star Wars Quotes


Ezra: I’m not helping you.
Maul: Why not? Is this because I once betrayed you?
Ezra: Yes! It was our last interaction!


Sabine: Yield or die.
Kanan: Just, take it down to like…a seven.
Sabine: Yield or else.

Sarcastic. Impatient. A fierce look in the eye…

Sarcastic. Impatient. A fierce look in the eyes. Look carefully at the ‘I Really Wish I Was Blowing Stuff Up Right Now’ button. There’s a name for Padawans like this. But we’ll just call him … Anakin.


Ezra: Forget it. I’m not even shocked anymore.
Maul: Aw, that’s no fun.
Ezra: This has become the norm for you, Maul.
Maul: I’ll have to try harder next time.
Ezra: Please don’t.
Maul: I feel like I’ve been issued a challenge.

Why learn to grow when you can fix the past?  …

Why learn to grow when you can fix the past?  This is exactly why I don’t need therapy.


Luke: This isn’t a dream, then. You’re all really out there.
Ghost Yoda: You thought we weren’t?
Luke: Oh, I don’t know. I thought it might have been one of those made-up things… that adults tell kids, like… vitamins.
Ghost Anakin: Luke, vitamins are a real thing.
Luke: Well, now I’m thinking maybe they could be!


Sabine: What’s up, Ezra?
Ezra: I’ve been traumatized.


Hera: We’ll handle this the way we always do.
Sabine: Brute strength?
Ezra: Almost dying?
Hera: No and no. By sticking together and never giving up.



Maul: There are places, like Mandalore, that I just can’t go.

Qi’ra: Too much under the Empire’s thumb?

Maul: I murdered their Duchess once. Mandalorians have really long memories.

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Mara: I think I’m getting better at this. I didn’t even stab him.
Luke: And we are so proud of you. No-stabbing Wednesdays. New tradition.